Picturing Climate: Participatory Photography and Narrative Storytelling for Climate Change Education brings together artists, researchers and grassroots arts and culture organisations in Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan and the UK to explore the potential of arts- and humanities-based methodologies, for developing local and international educational capacity on climate change induced food and livelihoods insecurities.

The core network includes Agnes Czajka (Open University); Eva Sajovic (artist photographer); Corinne Silva (visual artist); Jasmin Hasic (International Burch University); Dzeneta Karabegovic (University of Salzburg); Dijana Rakovic (Counterpoints Arts); Riera Studio (Cuba); Most Mira (Bosnia and Herzegovina); and Auranitis Lifeline (Jordan).

Network participants have come together to organise participatory programmes in Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan and the UK using a variety of methods and approaches. Our work began in Havana, Cuba in April 2019, continued in Bosnia in August 2019, and Jordan in September 2019. The project culminates in a public programme at the Tate Modern in London, between November 28th and December 1st, 2019.

Picturing Climate was conceived by Agnes Czajka and Eva Sajovic, and is funded by the AHRC Research Networking Highlight for Education in Conflict and Protracted Crises.