In August 2019 Most Mira worked with Picturing Climate on developing a youth theatre project which investigates post conflict rural environmental rights. Last year, Most Mira's student theatre group devised a play supported by director Maja Milatovic-Ovadia and a dedicated team of local facilitators which explored the identity politics and drama at the Bosnia and Herzegovina border with the EU. This year, we continued looking at land and identity, with a focus on the intersection of post conflict rural environments, climate change, and local and international political economies. Our young theatre makers devised and filmed four site specific theatre performances exploring the issues they found most pressing, including flooding and the pollution and contamination of land.

Collaborating and learning with fellow Cuban and Jordanian NGOs will afford us the unique opportunity to explore how we creatively discuss climate change and environmental rights with learners often excluded from these discussions. We all work with communities that are directly feeling the impact of climate change, but where the topic is not a priority and there are restrictions on artistic expression.  Our work with Picturing Climate is enabling us to begin investigating key environmental topics that we have previously not engaged with, and a new cross cultural perspective will help us develop our peacebuilding work with young people.    

The Most Mira student theatre group will presented their film to the students attending our Project on Peacebuilding residential, which welcomes learners from across the Balkans, the Balkan diaspora and internationals. Our Picturing Climate workshop in Kevlijani, Bosnia and Herzegovina will provide a space to investigate how we can use the arts to explore climate change in Bosnia and how we can overcome the barriers to taking this discussion to more young people. Burch University and University of Saltzburg academics Jasmin Hasic and Dženeta Karabegović will work with Most Mira to help our peacebuilding and theatre students explore Bosnian environmental and land rights issues post conflict.