Photo: Marcia Chandra

COUNTERPOINTS ARTS is a national organisation, based in London, UK, working in the field of arts, migration and social change. CA’s mission is to support and produce the arts by and about migrants and refugees, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognized and welcomed within British arts, history and culture. Central to that mission is a belief in the ability of the arts to inspire social change and enhance inclusion and cultural integration of refugees and migrants. CA works across all art forms and collaborate with a broad range of people and partners: artists, arts/cultural and educational organisations and civil society activists,  working nationally and internationally. 

All aspects of the organisation’s work are done in collaboration – with artists, arts, cultural and educational organizations and civil society activists working with refugees and migrants. The team works to reach the mission – to support, produce and promote the arts by and about migrants and refugees – through a range of programmes and along the following three strands: enabling, production, learning. Enabling is about developing strategic programmes and national platforms that enable organisations and practitioners to improve networking, develop practice and showcase work. The main examples of this work are Platforma and Refugee Week. CA produces high quality work across different artforms – events, exhibitions, commissions, digital platforms, artefacts and residencies in order to showcase outstanding work and reach wide and diverse audiences. As part of this strand, the team is particularly interested in developing challenging concepts and working with partners and artists who push boundaries, challenge stereotypes and question traditional viewpoints about refugees and migrants. Facilitating learning is central to what the organisation does. CA’s Learning Labs and platforms are designed as spaces for peer-to-peer learning – encouraging imaginative reflection, cross-sector conversations, skills transfer, and the sharing of evaluation and impact. @counterpointsarts