MOST MIRA is a registered charity in the UK and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our name means ‘Bridge of Peace’. We are working to bring together children and young people to learn new skills, make friends across ethnicities, and celebrate diversity in the Prijedor area, northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. We do this through youth arts festivals, theatre projects, peace building visits and tours and architectural workshops. Our aim is to grow and diversify our range of creative and inclusive activities for youth and establish a permanent hub in the village of Kevljani near Prijedor. 

Most Mira’s approach focuses on addressing three obstacles to maintaining peace in northern Bosnia: the ethnic segregation of young people, the lack of safe spaces for young people, and the lack of opportunities for young people. To address these issues, Most Mira has three main aims: to bring together youth to make friends across ethnicities and celebrate diversity; to creates a safe space to bring young people together to spend time with each other; to provide creative and professional opportunities for young people in Bosnia. @mostmira